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Tennis lessons

Tennis lessons

Change your lifestyle,
start playing tennis!

Tennis club in Riga

TENNIS 4FUN is a tennis club that unites tennis enthusiasts. We are one of the largest tennis communities in Latvia. Our mission is reflected in the name of the club. We believe that tennis can be mastered at any age and bring a lot of joy. In addition to training, we always organise informal events for club members: tournaments, camps and corporate parties.

Private lessons
for amateurs

for beginners and amateurs

Private lessons
for children

as well as sparring, preparation for competitions etc.

Group lessons
for amateurs

experience from 2 years and more

Group lessons
for children

a licence for the provision of hobby education has been obtained, we accept children with and without experience


amateur competitions, tennis camps, junior tournaments


Christmas tree, corporate parties etc.

Tennis is not only a sport, but a lifestyle too

This unique sport can be mastered by absolutely anyone regardless of age!

Tennis improves the functioning of

  • circulatory system
  • respiratory system

Tennis boosts

  • self-control
  • intuition
  • concentration
  • attention

Tennis develops

  • agility
  • reaction speed
  • movement
  • coordination
  • jumping ability
  • willpower